Auburn System The Auburn System

Metalcore’s descent into the depths of genre saturation has been a slow and painful journey. The past several years have seen countless bands repeating the same tired tricks with the predictability of the sun rising. The bark-laden blasts leading into the Auburn System’s EP are a conspicuous indicator that this band isn’t about to push the envelope. They over-use "crucial” breakdowns and technically inept noodling to regularly intercept bland black metal tremolo. A heavy dosage of squeals and squawks are incorporated into tactless and boring beats designed specifically for macho mosh dancing. Best described as systematic metalcore hackery, their complete lack of creativity and child-like reliance on tradition leaves little to the imagination. Their generic-isms are redolent of fellow hacks Norma Jean, while their more technical moments recall the pain of listening to nails on a chalkboard. These six songs, clocking in at an excruciating ten minutes, will easily be forgotten, but until then, grab your bandana and pick up change like hardcore is never going out of style. (Five Point)