Attica! Attica! Dead Skin/Dried Blood

Aaron Scott was the singer for bands such as Marathon and De La Hoya, where he first tested his unique singing voice. After the break-up of his second group, Marathon, Scott began travelling the United States on buses and trains. What came from his journeys was Attica! Attica! and this record: a collection of songs written by Scott on piano and guitar, featuring guest appearances from various friends. The result is a successful, road-weary amalgamation of punk and folk, with elements of electronic music, cellos and accordions thrown in for good measure. The songs straddle the personal/political line incredibly well, allowing the politics enough room to be poignant but without sounding like they’re being sung from a soapbox. This is a powerfully personal record and an unashamedly political one but it’s tempered with a healthy dose of humour on songs like "The Party Party,” which depicts an imaginary house party at the White House. This is one hell of a debut album. (Red Leader)