Atlas Sound Lee's Palace, Toronto ON, June 19

Atlas Sound Lee's Palace, Toronto ON, June 19
Photo: Kevin Jones
Bradford Cox did a very thorough sound check before sitting down and greeting a packed Lee's Palace. With only a table filled with a keyboard and a plethora of looping and effect pedals, Cox introduced hints of new material throughout his set, merging zoned-out beatwork with smouldering waves of drones, as he floated vocals out over the lush feedback pouring into the crowd.
Fans swayed, enchanted, as Cox sat stoic, fixated on moulding his usual dreamscapes into walls of blitzed-out noise and cosmic swirls, oozing emotions and captivating the audience, who marvelled at the new songs in silence. An immediate shift into more lucid, minimal house found Cox's big echoes mixing with tranquil nature sounds and light brushes of pattering 808s. Cox's weirdo DJ moment had fans bouncing immediately, none of whom gave a second thought to the fact that this was sort of out of the ordinary for him.
The night ended with a fuzzed-out tidal wave Cox's vocals rode to the edge of the venue and back, as he left the stage with many wondering what other surprises the next Atlas Sound release might have to offer.