Atlanta Hawks Beg Lil B Not to Curse Them

Atlanta Hawks Beg Lil B Not to Curse Them
Lil B has apparently put worry into the hearts of several NBA players, with the Atlanta Hawks begging the rapper to show them some "mercy." This comes shortly after the rapper razzed Houston Rockets player James Harden over an alleged stolen dance move. The Based God seemingly "cursed" Harden's team towards a loss against the Golden State Warriors last night  (May 21).

Today (May 22), the Hawks' organization playfully responded to claims that B's tweets towards Harden have made an impact on the NBA Playoffs. After the Rockets fell to the Warriors by one-point last night, this is what the Hawks had to say to the Based God: Additionally, the Hawks' organist has offered to learn parts of Lil B's catalogue to spice up game nights at Philips Arena, that is if the team moves past the Cleveland Cavaliers in their Eastern Conference Finals match up.
Apparently it's all love, though, with the b-ball loving rapper saluting the Hawks roster.
  The rapper had previously called out James Harden's on-court stirring celebrations as looking suspiciously similar looks a lot like the wrist-flickin' move invented and popularized by the Based God in videos like "I Cook." He praised the Warriors, and asked to get some credit for the move. 

Addressing Harden last night, the rapper wrote, "People that steal from Lil B will pay now or later all you have to do is pay respect to the original and the leader blind ones will." He quickly cleared things up by saying that Harden is welcome to stirring things up in future games, so long as he gives credit where it's due.
  While the Rockets fell 98-99 to the Warriors in last night's game, it should also be noted that, if hexed, Harden is still playing like a beast. The Beard racked up 38 points, 10 rebounds and nine assists in the game. He has yet to respond to B's claims.

Dialling back a few years, now, B had previously "cursed" Oklahoma City Thunder player Kevin Durant in 2011 after the small forward took to Twitter to say he wasn't a fan of the Based God's music. As superstitious sports fan may have noted already, Durant has never won a title, was sidelined with a serious injury this season, and his team didn't even make the playoffs this year.

Meanwhile, Harden's Rockets host the Warriors at Houston's Toyota Center tomorrow (May 23) for Game Three of the Western Conference Finals. The away team seemingly feel blessed to have B's support.