The Artist Life "Let's Start a Riot" (Secret Sessions at TARA)

The Artist Life 'Let's Start a Riot' (Secret Sessions at TARA)
One of the aims of the Audio Recording Academy's Secret Sessions is to capture bands outside of their element, in a stripped down, intimate acoustic setting. Unfortunately, the folks over at TARA have been punk'd by the kids in the Artist Life. Seems the Southern Ontario quartet went and recorded an EP called Let's Start A Campfire full of acoustic versions of tracks from their debut Let's Start a Riot. And while turn about's fair play, that shouldn't detract from the quality of the original song or their TARA performance.

Left without their electric guitars or studio wizardry, the band members hold up just fine adapting an Against Me! meets Attack in Black sound. Let's Start a Riot was a solid piece of pop punk but I'd love to hear them incorporate a bit of this vibe into their next album.

Listen to "Let's Start a Riot" by The Artist Life below: