Armsbendback The Waiting Room

Part hardcore, part metal and even a little bit grunge, Armsbendback is the latest group to take a stake in the melodic hardcore genre. But, just like the unfortunate lame band name, the music isn’t anything to write home about. Sounding kind of like a Taproot and Finch lovechild, Armsbendback is a disc full of dull-sounding, been there, done that hardcore. This is the first full-length for the band and it’s obvious. While the production quality is superb (put together by none other than Chad Taylor of Live), the songs are generic and boring, almost slapped together to jump on some nu-hardcore bandwagon. There is a little heart in this album, "Trading in the Silence” has some promise, and "Radical” exhibits some of the band’s attempts at originality. But there are too many other bands creating this sound and doing it better. Get in line, Armsbendback. (Trustkill)