Ariel Pink Settles Lawsuit with Former Drummer

Ariel Pink Settles Lawsuit with Former Drummer
On his way to score an upcoming werewolf movie, Ariel Pink has a lot on his plate. Now, he can take solace in the fact that his former drummer has dropped a $1 million law suit.

Last August, former drummer Aaron Sperske filed suit against Pink, claiming that he was owed money based on an "oral partnership" he established with Pink in 2008 where he would "shared equally in the profits and expenses of the partnership."

From there, he said he was "squeezed out" of the band, and demanded 25 per cent ownership of the band's songs, including future royalties from touring. He claimed that the amount of money he was owed would be "in no event less than $1 million."

Now, Pitchfork reports that the parties have settled amicably.

"We are very pleased with the results of this case, and that it has been settled to the satisfaction of all of the parties," Pink's attorney Dan Kapelovitz said in a statement. "Ariel Pink and the other musicians can now focus on creating music instead of defending a federal lawsuit."