Arcade Fire's Win Butler Is Taking an "Extended Break" from Twitter

Arcade Fire's Win Butler Is Taking an 'Extended Break' from Twitter
Despite Arcade Fire's ongoing barrage of #InfiniteContent, the band's frontman Win Butler has announced that he will be disappearing from Twitter for a while.
Revealing his decision to take "an extended break from this thing," he claimed he "will miss the opinions and the 1 liners." He signed off by ensuring followers that he'll "talk later when I got something to say."
Butler and the rest of his band have been the target of music media mockery for their fake brand management company-helmed Everything Now rollout, which has so far consisted of gimmicks like fancy concert dress codes, merch that includes custom fidget spinners and Jenner-spoofing T-shirts, and diva-like demands ahead of last week's Late Show appearance — not to mention middling reviews of the latest LP.
Butler's bandmate Richard Reed Parry recently addressed the group's controversial marketing tactics.
"It feels like every generation for the past multiple generations has felt like media saturation was at an all-time high, but it really feels like that is more true than ever, with the Trump-mania and Facebook, the endless sharing of things true and false over social media," he told Exclaim! "I think doing something that interfaces with that, on a bigger cultural scale, as well as interfaces with [the band] in a way that is amusing or fun… I think we just wanted to approach it in a way that spoke on both of those levels."
Despite Butler's social media retreat, Arcade Fire's official Twitter is still charging full promotional steam ahead, and probably won't slow down anytime soon with the band's upcoming North American tour fast approaching.
Everything Now is out now on Columbia Records.

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