Apparat Organ Quartet "Pentatronik" on Exclaim! TV

Apparat Organ Quartet 'Pentatronik' on Exclaim! TV
Icelandic electronic rock outfit Apparat Organ Quartet were in Toronto for a slew of shows during Canadian Music Week. On one of their days off, the quartet visited the Exclaim! neighbourhood to film a session.

Having filled the room with synths and other noise making devices, it's hard to believe that the quartet stripped down their live setup to using mostly battery powered instruments. Despite paring down, the band's performance of "Pentatronik" is almost true to the version found on their most recent album, Pólýfónía, which was just released in North America in on March 12 via Head in the Sand Records.

Apparat Organ Quartet are remaining quiet till their appearance at ATP Iceland in June. You can watch the performance of "Pentatronik" below.

Filmed by Katherine Kwan & Tiana Feng
Audio by Joel Dalton
Edited by Katherine Kwan