Apell Beaver Street & Beyond

Australian Anthony Pell takes music, samples and live performances from a wide variety of styles and puts them together to make some funky grooves. Imagine if Amon Tobin was going for a ’70s Parliament-Funkadelic sound, with less of a drum & bass influence. "Entertainment Complex” and "Suit Up” are speedy, complicated tracks that are good examples of Apell’s funk sounds, using organs, horns and drums to great effect. There are also more psychedelic tracks, like "Digirap” and "Wrinkle” with their phased and twisted guitars and "Tim and Tony” with live bass and guitar complementing electronic drums. Tracks like "Tomorrow” and "Unorthodox” have subtle, processed vocals and are very cinematic. Altogether the album has a better than average amount of variety. There is a lot to recommend here, especially for fans of Amon Tobin and other more adventurous electronic musicians who go for big, full sounds mixing live instrumentation and electronics. (Independent)