The Antlers Detail New Album

The Antlers Detail New Album
Back in 2009, the Antlers scored a critical hit with Hospice, which got them signed to Frenchkiss and made them instant favourites in the blogosphere. Now, the trio are getting ready to follow up that successful effort with another LP, Burst Apart.

The ten-track collection will drop May 10, once again via Frenchkiss. It was recorded in the band's Brooklyn, NY studio.

In an interview with Pitchfork, songwriter Peter Silberman talked about the new album, describing it as less emotional and "an easier record to listen to than Hospice." He called it an "electronic, grooving record," adding that it was "energetic and, in its way, psychedelic."

Despite his insistence that the new songs are less harrowing, the tracklist still has its share of gloomy titles. See it below, and take note of "I Don't Want Love," "Every Night My Teeth Are Falling Out" and "Putting the Dog to Sleep."

Burst Apart:

1. "I Don't Want Love"
2. "French Exit"
3. "Parentheses"
4. "No Widows"
5. "Rolled Together"
6. "Every Night My Teeth Are Falling Out"
7. "Tiptoe"
8. "Hounds"
9. "Corsicana"
10. "Putting the Dog to Sleep"