Antimatter Lights Out

Not wasting any time, Antimatter returns less than a year after the release of their debut, Saviour. Visually, Lights Out is the antithesis of its predecessor, all black where Saviour was white, and it’s a fitting transformation. The first album was far from light-hearted, but with their latest record Antimatter dives even deeper into the depths of darkness. The band exposes its connections more blatantly this time around; "Everything You Know Is Wrong,” for example, is very Anathema in its Pink Floyd-ish-ness. But at the same time the new record leans more towards ambient and even trip-hop, and further away from traditional concepts of rock. Mick Moss’s voice appears more often on Lights Out, but female vocalists Hayley Windsor and Michelle Richfield are back with their sensual serenade as well. Though a little too subtle to sink in right away or to leave as strong an impression as their last, Lights Out reveals itself as a worthwhile contribution to the Antimatter saga. (The End)