Antimatter Planetary Confinement

While labelling Antimatter’s unique amalgamation of trip hop, melodic doom and melancholic folk as metal is a stretch to say the least, the emotional weight of their songwriting will no doubt appeal to fans of acts like Katatonia, Agalloch, and now ex-member Duncan Patterson’s previous act, Anathema. While the group’s debut, Savior, and 2003’s moody masterpiece Lights Out were electronically driven for the most part, Planetary Confinement sees the throbbing rhythms of records past take a backseat to the underappreciated champion of solitary despair: the acoustic guitar. Drifting, dreamlike male and female vocals weave effortlessly in between each sorrowful chord, peppered with the occasional haunting string section and low-key percussive pulse. While certainly a tad downbeat for most, and slightly marred by the droning, repetitive instrumental "Eternity Part 23,” Planetary Confinement is a startling departure from its predecessors, and a proud example of the diversity and innovation of The End’s roster. (The End)