Antigama Resonance

This premier Polish grind wojsko’s Relapse debut delivers their most sophisticated work to date, bringing Antigama’s notoriety and relevance to the level prophesised by their two previous full-lengths on SelfMadeGod. Amidst the customary madness, there is a concerted effort invested into more traditional songwriting, highlighting structure with focused, lucid classic grind riffing while still maintaining the hostile and defiant style that put them on the map. This evolution sees them marking novel territory, with "Psychonaut” standing out with its threatening southern sludgery, noticeably departing from the erratic derangement that defined their previous records. Instead of eschewing insanity entirely, they eloquently develop this aspect into a more tangible manifestation of calculated chaos throughout the duration of the record. Once again, the drumming is one of the more intriguing elements, namely because of some unusual tones and a penchant towards creativity, refusing to merely underscore every moment with relentless blasts. Seemingly unable to disappoint, Resonance is sure to solidify an already impressive reputation as one of the genre’s first-rate up-and-comers. (Relapse)