Angus Stone Details 'Broken Brights' LP

Angus Stone Details 'Broken Brights' LP
A couple of months ago, Angus Stone announced plans to release an album called Broken Brights through Nettwerk Records. Now, the Australian songwriter, who makes up one half of the brother-sister duo Angus & Julia Stone, has detailed his solo full-length.

Broken Brights will arrive on shelves on July 17. It will include 13 songs, including the dusty folk rock single "Bird on the Buffalo," the video for which is embedded at the bottom of this page.

It's worth noting that the track "Wooden Chair" isn't identical to the Angus & Julia song of the same name. Rather, a press release notes that it was inspired by the melody of that previous tune, which Stone "felt needed to be revisited and brought to life in a new way."

The album was recorded in a variety of locations, and the results were fittingly diverse, with Stone dabbling with distorted riffs, strings and rock arrangements, in addition to more "nostalgic, dreamy" material.

Broken Brights:

1. River Love

2. Broken Brights

3. Bird on the Buffalo

4. Wooden Chair

5. The Blue Door

6. Apprentice of the Rocket Man

7. Only a Woman

8. The Wolf and the Butler

9. Monsters

10. It Was Blue

11. Be What You Be

12. Clouds Above

13. End of the World