Andrew W.K. The Wolf

When Andrew W.K. first reared his pretty ugly head, most people passed him off as jock rock and refused to see the big picture. The dirty white jeans, the album cover, the big melodic metal anthems and of course, the passion for saving the world — it all seemed a bit much. So for those who "got it,” praise the lord, ‘cause he’s back and even better. With cheesemongers the Darkness currently ruling the UK charts, it’s time for Andrew W.K. to get his shot and prove that party music is where it’s at. Truth is The Wolf sounds nothing like I Get Wet. His debut album was all about slamming bricks in people’s faces with short, action-packed party anthems telling you to go seize the day. Most figured him to be a one-trick pony, but Andrew W.K. has taken his music to another level and moulded it into an even bigger symphony of blood, sweat and guts. Keeping the preaching, anthemic quality, he’s slowed the pace down a bit, added one million more guitar solos and created a wonderland for anyone in search of a good time. Taking elements from Bach, thrash metal and yes, the Top Gun soundtrack, he has avoided the sudden rush to the head and aimed for something meatier. You know the man’s not going to stop until everyone loves him, so why not give in now and quit wasting your time? You know you want to. (Island)