Andrew W.K.'s "Everybody Sins" Video Is Equal Parts Spooky and Silly

New album 'God Is Partying' arrives in September

BY Calum SlingerlandPublished Jul 14, 2021

Andrew W.K. will return with new album God Is Partying this September, and the proudly engaged party rocker has unloaded another new tune from the record.

Like the previously shared "Babalon" and "I'm in Heaven," new arrival "Everybody Sins" also comes accompanied by a music video from director Phem C. Palmer.

W.K. sings of "a hole in the earth where the beast is giving birth," pulling faces during the performance while the clip works in blood, braces and more of those Andrew W.K. doppelgängers

"When we started working on the video for 'Everybody Sins,' the director and I were scheming and straining over some of the choreography and camera moves," W.K. shared in a statement. "Now, I do realize some people will say life's too short to scheme and strain like this. And others will say life's too short NOT to scheme and strain. Still, other people will say both these approaches are incorrect. And what do I say? Everything I just said in the video for 'Everybody Sins.'"

God Is Partying arrives September 10 via Napalm Records.

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