André Ethier Secondathallam

Even more understated than his laidback solo debut, Andre Ethier’s sophomore disc features slow-boiling ballads that simmer powerfully. The Deadly Snakes’ songwriter focuses largely on romance here, owing partly to Ethier’s recent marriage, and he infuses songs with a consistent playfulness, treating the subject of love with clever lyrical turns. Musically, Secondathallam is much less layered and far-reaching than last year’s Porcella by the Deadly Snakes, but the stripped down and direct approach suits these songs well. Ethier’s voice is also in rich form on the record and commonly shifts from low baritone rumblings to high-pitched warbling. Throughout the disc, Christopher Sandes and Pickles and Price, otherwise known as Andrew Gunn and Matt Carlson from the Deadly Snakes, provide adept musical support. With captivating music and lyrics, Secondathallam offers urban ballads to woo weathered, jaded hearts. (Paper Bag)