Anathema Resonance 2

Resonance 1 was a compilation released last year that looked at Anathema's past attempts at quieter, acoustic songs. Resonance 2 focuses on the band's heavier output and although it features some classic moments in the band's history, one has to wonder why this was released? The band has now progressed leagues beyond their earlier work and traverse a spaced-out, ambient, Pink Floyd-ish rock melancholia; the chances seem slim that now is an appropriate time to re-release the band's earlier material, as it sounds painfully raw, unpolished and incomplete compared to the band's excellent output as of late. Having said that, there are some great songs on here, but in order to keep moving ahead it's best to let them rest, as the band now known as Anathema and the band that recorded these songs are indeed two different entities. Not to mention compilations like this are usually just cheap cash grabs for the label at hand, despite the inclusion of rarities, which no one really needs to hear anyway. (Peaceville)