Anasarca Discography 1994-1997

Anasarca's plight is all too typical of a fate that has befallen any number of bands during the resurgent movement in hardcore, punk and metal through the mid- to late '90s. That of a jewel in the rough that was never fully appreciated during its existence, touring and releasing material sporadically before crumbling to little fanfare, unbeknownst save to a few fortunate enough to have discovered them before they fell to earth. Anasarca's existence was a brief three years, and their influence outside of their Washington, DC, home and touring stops is questionable, which is more the pity as Discography... ably demonstrates a band that blossomed while still finding its footing. Hamstrung by lacklustre production, in parts - it was recorded several years ago, after all - it is nevertheless impossible not to get drawn into Anasarca's music. Comparisons to post-hardcore bands such as Sparkmarker and Shotmaker have merit, as does the noisier indie rock-punk of the DC greats, and if life was fair, Anasarca's name would be mentioned in the same breath, but it isn't. Musically aggressive yet melodic, eschewing metallic leanings for the more abrasive flailing more common in hardcore at the time, as compared to the overwhelming dominance of metal in today's landscape, Discography... collects Anasarca's seven-inch, split seven-inch and demo cassette recordings, all seven tracks of them, with beautifully stark artwork and is a strikingly honest and poignant set of songs. While not voluminous in its expanse by any means, Discography 1994-1997 is a welcome reminder of felled star. (Second Nature)