Amon Tobin Shares New Single "Phaedra," Launches Bandcamp Vinyl Campaign

It's the latest preview of his upcoming album 'How Do You Live'

BY Megan LaPierrePublished Sep 3, 2021

Brazilian electronic musician, producer and composer Amon Tobin is back today with another preview of his forthcoming How Do You Live album with "Phaedra." He's also detailed a Bandcamp vinyl campaign for the upcoming release.

"Phaedra" follows first single "Rise to Ashes," which came in April alongside the album announcement. His latest is an experimental track that explores harmonics — according to a statement from Tobin, it's "a physical model of a saxophone."

Bandcamp rolled out its vinyl pressing services in 2019, which offer artists complete control of design and pricing; the company takes no ownership of the record. Producing vinyl is expensive and Bandcamp eliminates the risk by allowing fan orders to finance the pressing in what is essentially a crowdfunding campaign.

The vinyl campaign for How Do You Live will be active for 30 days. You can pledge support at different levels, beginning at $30 to get a copy of the LP and a digital version of Tobin's upcoming release. Other tiers offer vinyl copies of albums by Tobin's numerous other projects over the 25 years since his first release under the pseudonym Cujo, including his work as Figueroa, Two Fingers, Only Child Tyrant and Stone Giants.

"After spending time in the micro of personal experiences with Stone Giants and Figueroa, How Do You Live explores bigger scenery from a distance," the musician explained.

If "Phaedra" is any indication, it's going to be quite the grand voyage.

Listen to Tobin's new single below.

How Do You Live is set to arrive September 24 via Nomark Records as the artist's first album since 2019's Long Stories.

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