Black Dove

BY Ryan B. PatrickPublished Jul 11, 2019

Based on the six tracks that comprise her Black Dove EP, wider recognition for Toronto singer songwriter Amaal is inevitable. The artist formerly known as Amaal Nuux caught ears, by way of social media platforms, back in 2012 with tracks "Mufasa," "With You" and "Words Revealed."
The title, Black Dove, is symbolic, highlighting her desire to look inward to use her past as a Somali refugee to Canada, her Muslim upbringing and recent events in her personal life and relationships to soar above it all, with a singular and distinct perspective. It helps that she has an amazing voice— sultry, textured, evocative— and a minimal approach to lyrics and melody.
Written and produced with names such as Hayley Gene Penner, Khristopher Riddick-Tynes and David Rosser, Black Dove is all internally expressed emotion and intent: "Coming & Going" coolly revolves around fleeting love and desire; "Let Go" has a conventional yet textured R&B feel to explore longing; and dreamy midtempo number "Later" reflects on emotional states while closer "Scream" rides on well-worn "say my name" sentiment.
Black Dove captures a woman on the rise and an artist that demands attention.
(Public / Universal)

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