Am I eligible for Canadian contests/support?

Am I eligible for Canadian contests/support?
I'm a musician from Panama and I've lived in Canada, for more than five years. If I make an album here, is that consider "Canadian" music? Am I eligible for contests as Best New Canadian Band or song or whatever? Can I receive support of organizations that help Canadian musicians? Do I need to have a Canadian born person in the band?

Ernesto Mantovani

What defines "Canadian music" depends on the context. FACTOR, which provides financial support for Canadian musicians, defines a Canadian as either a Canadian citizen or a permanent residents of Canada. In the case of a band, it would be a band where more than half the musicians are Canadian citizens or permanent residents. Most funding and awards organizations use the same definition, but it wouldn't hurt to ask. So if you are a permanent resident and you live in Canada and make an album here with other musicians who are not Canadian born but who are Canadian citizens or permanent residents, it's Canadian!

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