Alvvays Issue PSA to Grabby Concertgoers: "Please Stay Home"

"For many this will be a no-brainer, but for some it clearly is not"
Alvvays Issue PSA to Grabby Concertgoers: 'Please Stay Home'
While Alvvays were touring their Antisocialites LP in September of last year, a man jumped on stage and tried to kiss vocalist/guitarist Molly Rankin during a live date in Belgium. Now, the band have issued a statement to handsy concertgoers after a similar incident happened during a show last week.

Reddit users noted that Rankin walked offstage after a man jumped up to take the mic during the band's April 20 show at the Fremont Theater in San Luis Obispo, CA.

One commenter said the man "pushed Molly aside, then walked up the mic but didn't say anything — he then immediately jumped off the stage into the crowd after a security guard tried getting him. I don't know if he got kicked out."

In a post on the band's Instagram account today, Rankin wrote that "if grabbing anyone on or offstage without their consent is in your playbook of potential behaviour, please stay home!"

Rankin's statement continued, "For many this will be a no-brainer but for some it is clearly not. Thank you to the kind people of San Luis Obispo who've reached out to us."

You can find Rankin's "begrudged public service announcement" below. Alvvays were recently named finalists for the 2018 Prism Prize.

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