Alt-J "Hunger of the Pine" (video)

Alt-J 'Hunger of the Pine' (video)
There's still a couple of months to go before celebrated UK outfit Alt-J make their This Is All Yours LP, well, all yours. Though fans may feel pained at this, things could be much worse. For instance, just check out the plight of the arrow-riddled victim of the band's new "Hunger of the Pine" video.

Contrasting the coolly paced, atmospheric pop song is a man's frantic sprint across a forest setting as he tries to avoid the aerial assault of unseen archers. A series of pointy projectiles come plunging through various parts of his person, leading to a bloody mess. After coming across a handily abandoned gas canister, we see the guy fully embracing the idea of sweet, sweet immolation.

You'll find the fiery narrative down below.

As previously reported, This Is All Yours hits its retail targets September 22 via Canvasback/Infectious Music.