Alt-J "Every Other Freckle" (videos)

Alt-J 'Every Other Freckle' (videos)
If you like your music videos categorized by gender binaries, then you're in luck, because Alt-J have released a two videos for their song "Every Other Freckle" — a "girl" version and a "boy" version.

The song is a quirkily computerized art-rocker with an arrangement that morphs haphazardly. The accompanying videos feature lots of slow-motion images of nature and animals, along with shots of humans in a primal state. The videos are extremely similar, simply swapping out the protagonist.

These Olivier Groulx-directed clips aren't exactly NSFW, unless your boss is offended by a fairly tasteful shot of bare buttocks. Each one ends with an image of the star of the opposite gender.

Alt-J will release This Is All Yours on September 22 through Canvasback/Infectious Music.