All Time Low Put Up or Shut Up

These fresh-faced boys out of Baltimore have just barely cleared the steps of their high school’s graduation ceremony before flinging open the doors and busting onto the music scene with full force. Taking the best of their past material revamped by new recordings, they are already making waves, and coming out onto the stage ready to get the fun back into the shows. Sounding like a mix between Fall Out Boy, New Found Glory and Bayside with a bit more of a wide-eyed innocence approach, their ages are belied by singer Alex Gaskarth’s strong and catchy vocals, as well as a tight and confident sound instrumentally. Littered with fast paced vocals that step and run slightly out of time in certain moments, while still knowing how to slow it down and let their words be heard clearly proves that they are on the cusp of peering into the musical maturity and sound has potential to reach those of us out there who are still looking for the fun, energy and skill in our tunes. (Hopeless)