All That Remains Behind Silence and Solitude

Blending a hardcore sensibility with a melodic metal sound isn't a new idea, and it is a dubious one to begin with, but like contemporaries God Forbid and Shadows Fall, All That Remains are doing a great job at laying the rest of this particular sub-scene to waste. The Shadows Fall comparison hits the listener within seconds of the great opening title track, but there's a reason other than influence - vocalist Philip Labonte used to be in Shadows Fall. All That Remains keeps the energy high throughout this album, and the more discerning listener will take solace in the technical change-ups and the smart and catchy writing style the band possesses. A great sense of melody is what separates All That Remains from most of today's metalcore bands and it is what keeps these songs stuck in the listener's head for days. The lyrics are above average for the genre at hand, leaving this one recommended but held back slightly by a vaguely muddy production. (Prosthetic)