Alkaline Trio Remains

While some of these "rare” tracks might be pretty easy to find in even a casual Alkaline Trio fan’s collection, others certainly aren’t. A collection of above-par material released on vinyl, compilations or limited-run EPs, Remains is rounded out by a few decent live tracks. Easily filed under "for fans only,” this release is still sure to be enjoyed by those who fancy the dark pop punk style of Matt Skiba and company. Including a detailed set of liner notes with a song-by-song breakdown by the band, the packaging may be worth the price alone. Strong Alkaline entries such as "Hell Yes” and "While You’re Waiting” are given their chance to reach a larger audience, which can only be a good thing, though the tacked-on live versions of "Dethbed” and "I’m Dying Tomorrow” seem unnecessary as a closing statement. The accompanying DVD features all of the band’s videos and a short tour documentary. If you love New Order as much as the Ramones, you’ll dig it. (Vagrant)