Alison Pipitone Shake It Around

The first thing you notice about Pipitone, apart from a resemblance to Courtney Cox, is that she has the same sort of sexy and sensuous huskiness to her voice that Lucinda Williams does. And there is definitely some common ground between the two, musically, including the quality. Shake It Around, recorded in Pipitone’s attic, is generally more varied and lighter in attitude than Lucinda’s last release, but it is still a seamless blend of blues, rock and country that’s bracingly raw and full of in your face immediacy. She scores higher in the spunk and good humour categories and there’s even some angel imagery in "Hartland Blues.” "Ready To Go” has a Stones-y kick and "Flags Fly” charms with its simple bluesy back porch feel. "What Do You Do When You Don’t Know What To Do?” has a strolling New Orleans vibe, while "Almost Anything Goes” is like Buddy Holly visits the bayou. (Slice)