Alien Ant Farm Anthology

Witty album name for this sophomore album by AAF, following up their even funnier-named debut, Greatest Hits. It took me about six songs to realise this isn't really a metal album at all, and about three more before I realised this is really just beefed-up college rock, à la Samiam or half of the Revelation roster. Once the confusion wore off and I knew what was going on, I realised that it's pretty good. I stress, though, don't go into this one expecting metal, as the band seems to want you to, because it's all sappy break-up songs with a quasi-meaty production sound. However, if you're in the market for some poppy emo rock, you may want to tune in here. Sugary sweet singing and daydream-y melodies over mid-to-fast tempos, not a bad summertime band. (Dreamworks)