Alice Cooper Hates On Vampire Weekend and Their No-Balls Rock'N'Roll

Alice Cooper Hates On Vampire Weekend and Their No-Balls Rock'N'Roll
Fading into irrelevance during his old age, glammy metalhead Alice Cooper is pretty grumpy about the current state of rock'n'roll. In a recent interview with Noisecreep [via Prefixmag], Cooper laid into the current state of rock, particularly a certain blog-buzzed hype band.

The quote speaks for itself:

I do get a little annoyed that it seems like a lot of bands that come out now that I read, "The greatest band that I've ever heard." And I see them and I go, "There's absolutely no testosterone in this band." I heard the title Vampire Weekend and I thought, "Oh, man, that's gonna be great. I gotta see it." And there are these guys with little Gap T-shirts on and they're singing about I don't know what, it was so light I couldn't listen to it. And I'm going, "What happened to the balls in rock'n'roll? Why are American bands so wimpy?"

I'm getting a lot of bands that are kind of going, "Oh, the summer in the rain and aren't lightning bugs wonderful?" And I'm going, "What kind of drug are you on?" I think if you asked Ozzy, Iggy and all the other people that come from our generation, we're kind of hoping the young guys step it up a little bit when it comes to being guys.

Perhaps Vampire Weekend need to take some notes from the Pains of Being Pure at Heart and make their band name as wimpy as their music. That way, old rockers looking for an epic monster rock opera won't get all confused.