Alexisonfire / Moneen The Switcheroo Series

It’s not a new concept, but the idea of a split featuring bands covering each other's songs always sounds great on paper. Sadly, the result is rarely as interesting or cool as one might hope, as is the case with this release.

Moneen's cover of "Accidents” sounds like a bunch of 16-year-olds in their mom's basement with big-league aspirations, and is saved only by the mind-melting vocal excess of its climax. Alexisonfire, on the other hand, succeed in eliminating any sense of irony or joy from Moneen’s somewhat laughable lyrics, turning "Tonight, I’m Gone” into an intolerable emo fest of tears and tight-fitting sweaters.

Besides two covers each, both bands offer up an original song, with Moneen’s "Bleed and Blister” coming out on top as the clearly superior song. Two great bands, one disappointing release. (Chainsaw Safety)