Alexis Krauss Speaks Up About Sleigh Bells' Longevity and Their Third Album

Alexis Krauss Speaks Up About Sleigh Bells' Longevity and Their Third Album
Although their sophomore album, Reign of Terror, is still out-of-the-oven fresh, Brooklyn noise pop duo Sleigh Bells hardly feel like they've done their bit. They're in it, singer Alexis Krauss maintains, for the long haul.

Though she describes the feeling of releasing Reign of Terror as "incredible," "cathartic" and "rewarding," she's already eager for what's next, the singer explains to Exclaim!

"[Reign of Terror] made me feel like we had so much more to do," she says. "I definitely didn't hear it and think, 'Okay, I'm satisfied.' I heard it and I thought, 'We didn't have to stop recording -- we could do this, this, and this, right now.' So I feel like we made a very good record, but I want very much to continue to the next phase of our development."

Despite their hype-laden beginnings, Sleigh Bells aren't satisfied by mere "buzzy-worthy" status. "We never thought of ourselves as a buzz band." Krauss says. "We were never comfortable being written off with that term, because that implies something fleeting and ephemeral.

"We want to write music that's good, not buzzy. We're very ambitious people, and this is something we see as a career. It's not just a phase. We're very passionate about what we do. We want to last and we want to grow, and keep getting better, and I think that's the path that we're headed down."

She emphasizes the fact with big news: "We're already talking about the third record. Derek [E. Miller] uses his phone recorder, and I use my voice recorder, and we're constantly singing and playing ideas [into them]. We have a few pieces of music going. I don't know if you saw the trailer for Reign of Terror, to announce the record, but there was an instrumental piece on that that we're working on. There are quite a few demoes, and ideas that we just didn't get to for Reign of Terror, that we might use for the third record. It's definitely a work in progress."

Reign of Terror is out now, courtesy of Mom + Pop. Check out a full-length interview with the band here, and catch them live on one of their North American tour dates, though, as recently reported, the band have had to axe a few shows due to Krauss coming down with laryngitis..