Alcest "Opale" (video)

Alcest 'Opale' (video)
French outfit Alcest are apparently veering even further away from their early metal influence on their upcoming Shelter LP, and they're proving this by pumping up their dream-pop leanings in album single "Opale."

The track homes in on airy textures with its melange of French-sung shoegaze vocals and sparkle-dusted guitar work, which all complements the highly romanticized daydream that acts as the track's video clip. In it, you'll find a pair of dreamers alternating between getting lost in each other's eyes, swimming through rainbow waters, and partaking in a playfully smudgy ritual.

You can check out both the swooning tune and its endearing video clip down below, courtesy of Stereogum.

Shelter arrives January 21 via Prophecy.