Agriculture Once 11 versus the Pyramid

Once 11 versus the Pyramid is electronic dub music that emulates the legacy of the dub-wise sound left behind by luminaries like King Tubby, only this recording appears to have been composed via electronic gear, as opposed to home-made echo chambers and the four-tracks of old. Regardless of how Once 11... was made, the sounds are great, soulful and tempered with powerful bass rumblings while embracing something of a lo-fi aesthetic. Listening to the bass lines is akin to listening to music from the womb while suspended in embryonic fluid. Natural acoustic sounds also find their way into this recording, such as the pluck of a piano chord, or guitar, and the rhythm of drums, while the effects ricochet from the speakers like echoes from deep canyons. A track called "Panama Cell" is easily the best, opening up with a foghorn rumble before launching into a dub/reggae/disco tune, reminding me of some classic Marley dance cuts. (Independent)