Agnostic Front "A Wise Man" (video)

Agnostic Front 'A Wise Man' (video)
Though New York hardcore icons Agnostic Front just pointed out over Facebook that their landmark Victim in Pain LP was released 31 years ago today (April 16), the act aren't exactly pining for the days of old. They just recently delivered their The American Dream Died , and have now revealed a video for the set's "A Wise Man."

The cut provides a NYHC-approved blend of metallic chugging and beats both blitzed and stomped, with vocalist Roger Miret recalling getting some good advice from the titular figure. Namely, that you should never turn your back on your family.

As you'll see down below, the video mixes performance footage with visuals of a cigar-chomping elder statesman at the bar and at a cemetery. There are also a bunch of up-close shots of both Miret and guitarist Vinnie Stigma doing their thing, often beside each other. With that in mind, we're not sure what to think of Miret's barking out the familiar maxim about keeping your friends close, and your enemies closer.