Agalloch Call It Quits

Agalloch Call It Quits
After five studio albums and over 20 years of recording and touring, American black metal outfit Agalloch have announced they are breaking up.

In a post the band's Facebook page this afternoon, the band revealed that members John Haughm, Don Anderson, Jason Walton and Aesop Dekker have parted ways. "What the future holds for the separate parties remains undetermined," the statement read.

"We collectively thank all of our fans across the world," the statement continued. "There are also way too many other people to thank who made this band possible. You know who you are."

Agalloch's final studio release was 2014's The Serpent and the Sphere, which Exclaim! adorned with a perfect score. Read the band's full statement below.

UPDATE (05/16, 11:50 AM): It looks like Agalloch may return in the future in one form or another. In an alternate Facebook post, frontman John Haughm said the group is now his own solo project. He confirmed that Agalloch is on hiatus, but may return. Read it below.