Aereogramme Sleep and Release

Continuing the intense levels of schizophrenia they displayed on their debut, A Story In White, Glasgow’s Aereogramme have set their sights on another emotional rollercoaster of grand ideas. Combining their prime components of really loud guitars with piano, strings, electronic programming and the gentile/aggressive vocals of Craig B., the now four-piece (Iain Cook joined on for this record) have found a fuller sound and made a better album. Sleep and Release is a beautiful, sonic onslaught that splurges on just about every emotion known to humankind. It’s a much more consistent journey than their first, but in saying that, it’s still quite a tug-of-war battle between the band’s interests in exploring the hardcore and slowcore. The songs "In Gratitude” and "Black Path” sound as if a 30-piece orchestra were on hand whenever the band deemed necessary. Both exquisite and delicate compositions, the songs are most effective because of what they surround. "Wood,” a song full of anger and frustration is sandwiched in between, showing just how extreme the Aereogramme sound can get. Sleep and Release is not an album for the faint at heart, but for those who can handle such passionate mood swings, a rewarding experience is waiting for you. (Matador)