Aereogramme Seclusion

Although they haven’t been heard from since 2003’s Sleep and Release, Scotland’s Aereogramme have toned down the ferocity just a tad. Actually, instead of speaker-blowing guitars battling each other for feedback supremacy across an entire album, it only shows up in spurts during about half the album. The greatest leaps here come in the opener "Inkwell” and the ethereal "I Don’t Need Your Love.” On the former these Scots take a decidedly poppier twist, with the vocals being akin to moody Brit rock than a slow burn epic. While the guitars writhe and twist behind the soft voice, the whole package just gets catchier and catchier. In another dramatic about-face, "I Don’t Need Your Love” starts with a muted electro beat undulating around the song, giving points to the reverb guitars and, again, the dream-rock voice of Craig B. Wrapped in melancholy, it just oozes po-faced beauty from every accented violin. Those not ready for such departures, despite their quality, can take solace in "The Unravelling,” which hits an absolutely primal climax at the end of its ten minutes. Not the best flowing album, it still shows Aereogramme to be full of surprises and definitely deserves a listen. (Sonic Unyon)