Aereogramme My Heart Has a Wish That You Would Not Go

Although the band hinted at this change of sonic direction on last year’s mini-album, Seclusion, it seems that Aereogramme have left the pounding, post-rock-inflected dust-ups behind for more conventionally melodic pastures. Sometimes a shift like this turns down the excitement and danger in favour of more pedestrian ideas but Aereogramme delightfully avoid this trap and their clean, sharp ear for melody allows Heart to fully charm. Actually, listening to tracks like fantastic opener "Conscious Life For Coma Boy” or the dark "Living Backwards” it seems all pop bands should spend some time on the post-rock farm, since the songs here transfer that other genre’s push/pull tension into a more conventional structure. Especially on the opener, the band is very effective at pulling out grand climaxes of guitars and layered vocals then juxtaposing them with the more introspective aspects. From their earlier material one would never think Aereogramme has a "light” touch, but Heart is especially affecting and entirely reinvigorates one’s faith in the band, as their inventive use of brass, strings and electronics in a more pop context make the future seem endlessly exciting. (Sonic Unyon)