Adjusters Otis Redding Will Save America

The Adjusters are one of many bands that I figured disappeared when the ska bubble burst, so I was genuinely surprised at the arrival of Otis Redding Will Save America. However, the Chicago group, like many other American ska groups, has had to go all the way to Germany, and to Grover records, to get their CD released. The Adjuster’s sound is still a unique blend of genres as diverse as rap, funk, break beat, and soul based around ska, reggae, and dub. The mix makes for an album that changes feel from song to song, but Vic Rice’s production allows the album to maintain a flow. The Adjusters are truly a unique band, which makes it difficult to describe their sound for those unfamiliar with their work — think of Cake meets the Dub Pistols meets Skinnerbox. All the different elements on Otis Redding Will Save America may not mix, but on the songs where they do, the results are excellent. (Grover)