Adam Puddington For the Meantime

Reminiscent of fellow contemporary collector of songs Jim Bryson and folkies of the past such as Gordon Lightfoot, Puddington is a former member of East coast alt-country group the Guthries, where he was a musical mate of Matt Mays. While Mays has moved towards a louder garage rock assault with his band El Torpedo, the poetic Puddington continues to lean towards folk and Canadiana on his latest disc, offering a refreshing roots record. Filled with succinct and pleasing songwriting, For the Meantime is a captivating collection of 11 songs that grow on you with each subsequent listening session. Raised in rural Ontario, the songwriter now finds inspiration in the East coast; yet, both these locales play prominently as inspiration for his songs, which tell stories of Puddington’s restless journey. The most telling tale is "Deer in the Headlights” where he humbly states: "I have no notions of grandeur/ I’m provincial at best.” While Puddington doesn’t look for grandeur, the songs that make up this finely crafted collection are sure to give the folk singer wider acclaim. (Independent)