Meine Zarten Pfoten

BY Sarah FergusonPublished Jul 23, 2011

Translated to English, the second artist album by German producer and songstress Ada is appropriately titled "My Tender Paws." The songs here exist within delicate soundscapes emanating both natural and vulnerable qualities. While showcasing the skill of Ada through the dexterity and texture in the music, the record, for varied reasons, doesn't entirely lift off the ground. For example, "Likely" comes across somewhat simplistically, the folksy music and repetition in the vocals not in line with the rest of the release. As this album continues, it aligns the immaturely and happily poignant sounds at the start with places of sonic sadness and anxiety ("Happy Birthday"). Other songs (such as "Intro") delve into a zone of loving minimal techno. "At The Gate" represents a common sound of classically inspired instrumental features, with the techno, coming off clearly poised in space, yet still. These instrumentally affiliated electronic beats with vocals would hold one's attention more aptly as a film score with visual accompaniment than as a full-length album on its own.

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