Ada "Fizzman"

Ada 'Fizzman'
DJs and producers who build a reputation playing gigs and releasing twelve-inches usually maintain their audiences simply by keeping a level of consistency in their productivity. However, when you roll out that artist album that breaks through, it becomes a little more difficult to hold onto the fans that were there just to buy the CD. Not being of the vinyl junkie race, I’d totally forgotten about Ada (real name Michaela Dippl), the Cologne-based producer – she refuses to be recognised as a DJ – who delivered the dazzling Blondie in 2004. Cutting her teeth on pop music, her approach as a vocalist-cum-producer found her receiving huge plaudits for Blondie’s exquisite craftsmanship and impressive genre breadth, scouting the clubs and extracting traces of techno, house, electro and ambient to grace her heavenly vocals for a full-bodied aural encounter. Since that release, Ada’s only given us a few twelve-inches: 2005’s "I Love Asphalt,” last year’s "Call the Tune” and now the Fizzman EP. The a-side goes deep, interlacing a clash of crawly synth melodies, each of which ricochet off the onslaught of stabbing beats and echoing bass diplomatically. When the climax kicks in, though, it spreads its wings and takes off. Holding her tongue on this one, and wisely so, Ada is hopefully beginning to build more buzz with this record because just about everyone thinks it’s time to give Blondie a brother or sister.

Ada "Fizzman”