Actress Gets His Own DJ-Kicks Mix

Actress Gets His Own DJ-Kicks Mix
For years, !K7 has attracted a wide variety of artists to contribute forward-thinking collections to its DJ-Kicks mix series. Up next on the docket? Electronic performer Actress.

Following last year's Ghettoville LP and its accompanying Xoul EP, the producer born Darren Cunningham has pieced together a collection of other people's music for the venerable series.

Aside from the sounds, he made sure the tracklisting reads well. "When I'm selecting music I'm not always thinking about the music alone," Cunningham said in a press release. "I'm thinking about the names of the artists, tracks, and labels, and what they mean to me. I often base my tracklisting purely on how well the track titles work together in a poetic sense."

The resulting collection features work from Autechre, Moon B, Shit and Shine, Mark Fell and many others. Cunningham himself also included an Actress exclusive called "Bird Matrix."

Actress's DJ-Kicks entry will arrive on May 4 as a digital/CD release and on vinyl. The tracklisting differs between each release, so we've shared both versions below.

Actress DJ-Kicks:

1. Breaker 1 2 "2"
2. Lorenzo Senni "Elegant, and Never Tiring"
3. Reel by Real "Look At Me"
4. Autechre "Pen Expers"
5. Chameleon "Thought 2"
6. Beneath "Stress 1"
7. Simbiosi "Impari"
8. Zennor "Tin"
9. John Beltran "Anticipation"
10. Moon B "Those Moments"
11. STL "Psychelicious"
12. Snakepiss "Toil"
13. Shit and Shine "Pearl Drop"
14. Chez n Trent "Windy City Club"
15. Mark Fell "Section 1-7"
16. GNESIS "Pear"
17. Shxcxchcxsh "LDWGWTT"
18. Hank Jackson "Track 3"
19. Actress "Bird Matrix"
20. Gherkin Jerks "Red Planet" 

Actress DJ-Kicks (vinyl version):

A1. Lorenzo Senni "Elegant, and Never Tiring"
A2. Reel by Real "Look At Me"
A3. Simbiosi "Impari"
B1. John Beltran "Anticipation"
B2. Shit and Shine "Pearl Drop"
C1. Chez n Trent "Windy City Club"
C2. Mark Fell "Section 1-7"
D1. Actress "Bird Matrix"
D2. Gherkin Jerks "Red Planet"