Action Bronson "Fiends Jean Jacket"

Action Bronson 'Fiends Jean Jacket'
High-dining hip-hop spitter Action Bronson and the Alchemist served up some soul-sampling songs last month via their Rare Chandeliers freelease, but just in case the song cycle has lost some steam for you, they're now offering a bonus cut from the sessions called "Fiends Jean Jacket."

Alchemist brings another soul-stirring beat full of head-bobbing vibraphone plunks, brassy horns and heavenly chimes. Bronson, meanwhile, mines the vaults with verses referencing classic Motown combo the Four Tops, Serbian Lakers centre Vlade Divac, and David Hasselhoff. The gourmand MC also smacks his lips through lines about eating omelettes after oral sex and slow-roasting a North American elk in the oven.

You can download the track here.

UPDATE: Action Bronson and the Alchemist have now released Rare Chandeliers Extended Version, which adds three new tracks, including "Fiends Jean Jacket," to the original freebie. You can download the spit-shined set here