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Action Bronson

Rare Chandeliers

> > Nov 27 2012

Action Bronson - Rare Chandeliers
By Peter MarrackPossibly the last free release before Action Bronson drops his debut studio album, Rare Chandeliers sees the emergence of an artist stubbornly mastering his form. Bronson, as per usual, breaks into rhyme as organically as a flower sprouting its first petal. However, it's when producer the Alchemist trims and arranges that Bronson becomes a salable bouquet. Big Body Bes opens on the intro, "spitting game," as Birdman calls it, with the same "gastro-hood" lexicon as Bronson. Skip a track and there's "The Symbol." The Alchemist continues his fascination with electric guitar riffs while Bronson hopscotches from spliff to whip talk, exaggerating his already fantastical lifestyle into exploitation realms. "Sylvester Lundgren" follows, with Bronson rastarizing himself and channelling Dr. Dre's "The Day the Niggaz Took Over." "Randy The Musical" is also an interesting number, in that it contains three tracks. Three minutes into the song, the Alchemist speeds up the beat to "That'll Work" tempo before Bronson urges him to "slow it down 30 GHz." It's like listening to a flamenco teacher trying to get famous belly dancer Tulay Karaca to use her feet more. The latter half of the 14-song project is where things pick up. "Bitch I Deserve You," featuring Evidence, offers some rare pathos between lines like, "I know my words slurring now, but when I sober up…" and a medley of downtrodden bass, rolling keys and triumphant horns. "Gateway to Wizardry" is definitely the standout; it starts off an airy, easy listening vehicle for Bronson to cruise, yet abruptly transitions to a numbing electric guitar assault that draws immediate complaints. The Alchemist compromises, inserting the sound stars make when they twinkle for Bronson to deliver his best poetry over. Styles P also contributes an impeccable verse here that'll have young fans scouring the LOX's back catalogue. Rare Chandeliers transports Bronson to rap camp at the Alchemist's crib in California, trimming the excess fat before he tries his hand at crafting a classic for Warner and Vice.
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