Aceyalone Accepted Eclectic

There are few MCs who can boast the influence of Aceyalone. The most visible member of seminal underground West Coast group Freestyle Fellowship, it could be debated that without this crew’s existence, a viable alternative to the trigger-happy, low-riding G-funk may never have emanated out of California. The crew was instrumental among the artists who convened regularly at the Good Life café to show and prove their freestyle acumen. After Freestyle Fellowship recorded two innovative albums, Aceyalone stepped out to appear on various group projects and also release the slept-on All Balls Don’t Bounce and the highly conceptual The Book of Human Language as solo endeavours. Angling to be a bit more accessible, Acey recruits associates from California’s rising set of underground boardsmen, such as Evidence, Fat Jack and Joey Chavez. Acey’s versatility means he can flip from introspective narrative to clever metaphors and inventive rhyme deliveries at a moment’s notice, and he doesn’t shy away from showing any of his mic virtuosity at any point on Accepted Eclectic. His swagger is in evidence on “Rappers, Rappers, Rappers” and “Golden Mic,” where he claims authorship of the double-time rhyme scheme popularised in recent years. While he’s not afraid to take credit for his influence, you’re also struck by his humility stemming from his veteran status in the rap game. Meditations like “Hardship” and “I Never Knew” are delivered with unquestionable honesty and he isn’t too proud to declare he’s grateful for the chance to express himself for the existence the hip-hop art form has given him. For this reason he doesn’t hesitate to give back, taking time out to give some history lessons. Astute heads will recognise “I Got To Have It Too” as a modified cover of a classic single by Boston’s Ed OG & Da Bulldogs. Class continues with “Project Blowed,” a narrative recalling the days of the Good Life Café and like Accepted Eclectic overall, it sets the table for the much anticipated Freestyle Fellowship reunion album (Nu Gruv)