The Abramson Singers "Skull & Crossbones" (video)

The Abramson Singers 'Skull & Crossbones' (video)
The Abramson Singers' recent album, Late Riser, is a soft and lovely affair, and now the Vancouver outfit have shared a video for the characteristically low-key "Skull & Crossbones."

The animated video for this sparse waltz finds a pencil-drawn protagonist going on an epic journey that takes him across a body of water in a rowboat, past a broken glass-strewn field, through a spooky forest, over a dizzying bridge, and up a mountain. All the while, a crow follows his progress and the man ends up taking an underwater plunge. It was directed by Eric Bates, with illustration by Ehren Salazar and animation by Elisa Chee.

The Abramson Singers have a couple of British Columbia shows this fall and a UK tour booked for March of 2014. See the schedule here.